Żądza Krwi

by Bloodthirst



Goat City’s own Bloodthirst have already managed to burn their stigma of corruption upon all things holy. With their brand new eponymous manifest (“Żądza Krwi” meaning literally “blood thirst” in Polish), the impact is to be seen on a yet wider scale. All is lost and pillaged.
Never a part of the pathetic “old school” hype as seen today, always spitting in the face of the modern trend, the three emissaries of hellfire and spite have ever since trod their own path of Hateful Antichristian Thrash. This time, however, through chaos fully unchained, some new qualities unveil their majestic glare.
The first and most evident one is the exclusive use of their native language during the thunderstorm of all four hymns. “We’ve had that in the picture for quite some time now, making an EP in Polish,” admits the band’s mainman Rambo . “We kind of knew it’s gonna be different, but we did not expect it to grow to such an extent at all”. More than ever before, the blasphemous message appears clear, yet still wild and untamed. Along with the merciless blackened thrash riff cascades, venomous vocals and vulgar drumming, “Żądza Krwi” offers four sinister acts of hate, abasement and devilry.
With the infamous Nihil (Morowe, Furia, Massemord) behind the knobs and infecting the desolate space of Czyściec Studio with deviant vision, Bloodthirst captured their most intense sound to date. “We’ve known the guy for quite long now, so it was just a matter of time to meet up and work together. We were confident that he was much into what we do music-wise and would not fuck around. He proved us right and will be taken into account seriously in our future, evil deeds”.
Having solidified the current line-up, holding their heads up high and proudly drinking to the diabolical glory, Bloodthirst are about to unleash another bastard. Ill-willed, destructive and raw. Real extreme metal the way it should be done.


released June 29, 2011



all rights reserved


Bloodthirst Poznań, Poland

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